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China's Anti-Japanese Aggression War Crucial Part of World Anti-Fascist War
World political leaders, experts and scholars have stressed that the war is a crucial part of world anti-Fascist war
New Fund Set to Boost Small Firms
China plans to set up a national fund of up to 60 billion yuan ($9.4 billion) to encourage the growth of small and micro-businesses
China's Identified Gold Resource Ranks World's Second
China's gold market has become the world's most fast-growing market with huge potential for growth
Li Jinbin Meets Jeff Fettig
Governor Li Jinbin met with Jeff Fettig...
Fuel Prices Cut
China is to cut fuel prices from Wednesday...
Law Targets Buyers of Trafficked Humans
People buying trafficked women or children will face ...
Fried Rice Stall Gains Popularity
A street food stall selling fried rice and sauced meat in Nanjing has gained popularity ...
  • Korean Teacher to Attend V-Day Parade
  • Shanghehang Railway to be Built
  • Culture&Education
    Students learn about WWII as new school year begins
    Students started their new school year ...
    Some college grads are taking it easy on job front
    Chinese grads delay job search amid tough market
    Liu Cixin becomes first Chinese to win Hugo Award for best novel
    China holds Int'l Congress of Historical Sciences
    East Meets West in Musical Treat
    Girl Suffering from Muscular Atrophy Admitted to University of Hong Kong
    Chinese teachers in British classrooms spark global debate on education styles
    Hui Culture
    Legend of Anhui Businessman Staged in Beijing
    Thunderous applause filled the Beijing-based National ...
    "Anhui Troupes' Beijing Debut" Enchants the Capital
    China's 'ballet of the east' seeks world status
    Huizhou Folk Handicraft Exhibition held in Taiwan
    16 Counties Named Home of Chinese Folk Culture, Arts
    16 counties and county-level cities and districts in East
    Huizhou Pastry Museum Opens
    Wan'an Compass Recognized as Geographic Indication
    World Bank backs China's ancient villages renovation
    A Fund to Be Set up for Hui Culture
    Explore Anhui
    Suixi County to Build Liuzi Museum of Grand Canal
    Suixi County will build Liuzi Museum of Grand Canal
    Tourism cooperation agreement signed between Central China city and Jinzhai county
    3 Counties Win Title of "Most Beautiful Towns"
    4 Villages to Alleviate Poverty by Tourism Development
    Different childhood: Children do exercises in E China's acrobatics school
    Ancient Chinese city Dali to charge visitors entry fee
    Attractions bloom on sacred mountain
    1,800 scenic spots earn the badge of 'price trusted'
    Destinations in Anhui for Overseas Visitors
    Anhui Welcomes 19.2 Mln Tourists during May Day Holiday
    Mount Tourism Alliance Founded
    Mount Tourism Alliance were founded in Huangshan ...
    3000 Key Tourism Projects to be Built
    Ambassadors, Counselors of 10 Countries to China Brainstorm on Ways to Attract More Inbound Tourists to Anhui Province
    More Flights from Huangshan to Xi'an, Xiamen Added
    Some Train Schedules Adjusted
    High-Speed Trains Offer Discount Tickets
    Hefei Speeds up Exit-Entry Application
    CPC Expands Scope of Discipline Inspections
    CPC Central Committee on Thursday announced a revised regulation on discipline inspections
    Xi stresses CPC governance at county level
    Wang Xuejun met with Lars Backstrom
    Vice Premier Visits Anhui Pavilion at Central China Expo
    Anhui, CASB vow to deepen cooperation
    Banking Institution Group to Underwrite Gov't Bonds
    r Secretary
    Wang Xuejun
    re Governor
    Li Jinbin
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    NY Times: Chinese smashed cucumbers becomes trendy in New York
  • Chinese Villagers Helped Save U.S. Pilots during WWII
  • Chinese Doctors in Africa
  • Invest in Anhui
    CGB Sets up Branch in Hefei
  • Hong Kong Wooing Investment from Anhui
  • Anhui Attracts Taiwan Investors
  • Hefei Welcomes Another New Energy Auto Maker
  • Development Plan
    China eyes poverty relief for old revolutionary base areas
  • Anhui Making Blueprint for Manufacturing
  • Anhui, Hubei Seek Cooperation in Trade, Tourism
  • Anhui Speeds up Development of Emerging Industrial Clusters
  • Videos
  • Heavy fog blankets Anhui, Jiangsu
  • Ancient Chinese craftsmanship: making Xuan paper
  • City residents rediscover old books in old book store
  • People
    Paralympian a winner in life
  • Liao Jingwen: Woman behind Artist Xu Beihong
  • 'Last Great Talented Woman of the Republic of China' Dies at 102
  • Zhang Rihui: A Legless Courier
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Gujinggong among Top 10 Baijiu Brands
  • Autism recovery NGOs struggle to carry on
  • Chizhou Deal Expected to Open the PPP Floodgates
  • Anhui Special: Port project to boost Anhui's economic development
  • Solar Panels Power Fight against Poverty
  • Sister City
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