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Li Stresses Currency Stability, Rules out Hard Landing
China will continue its financial reform and will not seek to boost its economy through currency depreciation, Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday
Chinese Government Wechat Gives Lucky Money, Using Xi Jinping's Speech as Passwords
It's under the name of "Gong Chan Dang Yuan" in Chinese
Half of Young Chinese Plan to Travel during Spring Festival
More than half of China's young people have plans to travel during the coming Spring Festival holiday
North to South, People Going Home
With no savings and no girlfriend, Tang Shijie ...
Chery's International Development Vision
At the beginning of the year 2016, Mr. Yin Tongyue went to Iran ...
Heartwarming Story: Man Carries His Mother
Lv Junrong, 59, gave his 82-year-old mother a piggy ride ...
Red Envelopes Cause Car Flip Accident
A car turned over into farmland because the driver ...
  • JAC Plans Light Truck Assembly Plant in Algeria
  • 9 Things about Start of Spring
  • Culture&Education
    Culture Insider: Little New Year
    Little New Year (Chinese: Xiaonian), usually a week before the lunar New Year...
    4 enterprises have cultural industry titles revoked
    Monkey King makes plans to take over screens around the world
    Spring Festival celebrations to light up 6 continents
    Battle to send out virtual red envelopes warms up
    Teaching Kids Ancient Art of Chinese Symbols
    Academy releases top 6 archaeological finds of 2015
    'Horse month of the Monkey year' approaching
    Hui Culture
    Legend of Anhui Businessman Staged in Beijing
    Thunderous applause filled the Beijing-based National ...
    "Anhui Troupes' Beijing Debut" Enchants the Capital
    China's 'ballet of the east' seeks world status
    Huizhou Folk Handicraft Exhibition held in Taiwan
    16 Counties Named Home of Chinese Folk Culture, Arts
    16 counties and county-level cities and districts in East
    Huizhou Pastry Museum Opens
    Wan'an Compass Recognized as Geographic Indication
    World Bank backs China's ancient villages renovation
    A Fund to Be Set up for Hui Culture
    Explore Anhui
    Plaque-Unveiling Ceremony for Sanhe 5A Scenic Area Held
    The plaque-unveiling ceremony for Sanhe 5A Scenic Area was held
    Shanghai Disney Resort to open on June 16
    Confucius tourist venues free to senior citizens
    Mt.Huangshan and Mt.Jiuhua Register More Visits during 2016 New Year Holiday
    Yantai tourism promoted in Beijing, Shanghai and Hefei
    Netizens select China's top 10 winter resorts
    Two Sites in Anhui on 2015 China Tourism Lists
    Hongcun: One of Beautiful Scenic Resorts in China
    4 Scenic Areas on Top 100 Intelligent Scenic Areas List
    5 New Rural Tourism Model Sites Added
    Inner Mongolia, Shanghai and Anhui work together on tourism
    Inner Mongolia will cooperate with Shanghai and Anhui ...
    Mount Tourism Alliance Founded
    3000 Key Tourism Projects to be Built
    More Flights from Huangshan to Xi'an, Xiamen Added
    Some Train Schedules Adjusted
    High-Speed Trains Offer Discount Tickets
    Hefei Speeds up Exit-Entry Application
    China shows resolution in renewed fight against graft
    CPC has demonstrated its unswerving will to continue the fight against corruption
    What do Xi and Li's new year inspection visits mean?
    Wang Xuejun met with Beto Richa
    China Publishes Regulation on CPC's United Front Work
    Wang Xuejun Meets Former President of Mozambique
    Li Jinbin Meets with Asser Kapere
    r Secretary
    Wang Xuejun
    re Governor
    Li Jinbin
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    Happy Chinese New Year 2016
  • Eight delicacies for the Upcoming Chinese New Year
  • Chinese netizens help boy in US with cancer realize his dream
  • Invest in Anhui
    Anhui's 138 Projects on National 2nd Batch of PPP List
  • Anhui Kicks off 16th Food Fair in Shanghai
  • CGB Sets up Branch in Hefei
  • Hong Kong Wooing Investment from Anhui
  • Development Plan
    Anhui to Kick off 1,600-Plus Key Projects
  • Hefei to Issue 13th Five-Year Plan
  • Anhui Unveils Blueprint to Boost Manufacturing
  • China eyes poverty relief for old revolutionary base areas
  • Videos
  • Laowai Not: From singer to host
  • Heavy fog blankets Anhui, Jiangsu
  • Ancient Chinese craftsmanship: making Xuan paper
  • People
    Peng Xinhua: Outstanding Chinese Women in Science
  • Feature: Chinese migrant workers pour out dreams in poems
  • Ocean life can be boring
  • How did the farmer Merkel visited become rich?
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Looking to land a new future
  • Gujinggong among Top 10 Baijiu Brands
  • Autism recovery NGOs struggle to carry on
  • Chizhou Deal Expected to Open the PPP Floodgates
  • Anhui Special: Port project to boost Anhui's economic development
  • Sister City
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