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Chinese Premier Arrives in Colombia for Official Visit
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived here Thursday for an official visit to Colombia, during which a a series of cooperation deals will be signed.
Beijing Sets out Its Rights after Reports of Incursion
China asserted its right to monitor airspace and waters near its islands in the South China Sea on Thursday in response to reports of an
Researchers Identify Male-Determining Gene of Mosquitoes
Researchers said they have identified a gene that makes dengue- and yellow fever-spreading mosquitoes male
S. Anhui Improves Talent Pool
The provincial government of Anhui issued guidelines...
Chinese Firms Fuel US Economy
Chinese companies invested about $46 billion in the US ...
MOE Warns against Diploma Mills
2,845 authorized institutions of higher learning ...
Chinese Faces Swell on U.S. Campuses
Out of around 15,000 students who graduated ...
  • Childhood Bullying to Trigger Obesity
  • Doctors Held for Using Dead Patients
  • Culture&Education
    Chinese Faces Swell on U.S. Campuses
    Out of around 15,000 students who graduated ...
    South Anhui Improves Cultural Tourism Talent Pool
    China lists 2,845 colleges, warns against diploma mills
    5 Anhui Writers on Shortlist for 9th Maodun Literature Award
    Talented recruits snapped up in first quarter
    Han Zaifen Wins Plum Blossom Prize
    Dutch owner to send preserved monk relic back to China
    Students are eager to volunteer, says report
    Hui Culture
    Legend of Anhui Businessman Staged in Beijing
    Thunderous applause filled the Beijing-based National ...
    "Anhui Troupes' Beijing Debut" Enchants the Capital
    China's 'ballet of the east' seeks world status
    Huizhou Folk Handicraft Exhibition held in Taiwan
    16 Counties Named Home of Chinese Folk Culture, Arts
    16 counties and county-level cities and districts in East
    Huizhou Pastry Museum Opens
    Wan'an Compass Recognized as Geographic Indication
    World Bank backs China's ancient villages renovation
    A Fund to Be Set up for Hui Culture
    Explore Anhui
    Taiwan Flower Garden in Maanshan Opens to Visitors
    Taiwan Flower Garden in Maanshan opened
    Anhui Hall of Fame to Open in June
    Residence of Late Poet's Descendant Opens to Tourists
    Anhui Mulls Plan for Chaohu Lake Scenic Area
    Tourist Arrivals Drop in Qingming Festival Due to Bad Weather
    Hongcun: One of the Top Ten Destinations for a Qingming Outing
    Sanhe Ancient Town Gets Through 5A Examination
    Destinations for Overseas Visitors Touring Anhui
    Anhui Receives 21 Mln Tourists during Chinese Lunar New Year
    Six Chinese nature reserves in IUCN's green list
    Ambassadors, Counselors of 10 Countries to China Brainstorm on Ways to Attract More Inbound Tourists to Anhui Province
    6 country's ambassadors and 4 country's counselors ...
    Promotion Activities of Yangtze River Tourism Belt Held in Hefei
    Hefei Forest Eco-Tourism Festival Full of Activities
    Some Train Schedules Adjusted
    High-Speed Trains Offer Discount Tickets
    Hefei Speeds up Exit-Entry Application
    Hefei Opens Its First Europe-bound Flight Route
    Vice Premier Visits Anhui Pavilion at Central China Expo
    The 504-square-meter pavilion showcases the latest
    Anhui, CASB vow to deepen cooperation
    Banking Institution Group to Underwrite Gov't Bonds
    Anhui Sets up Special Office to Capture Corrupt Officials Abroad
    Governor Wang Xuejun Meets Finnland's Ambassador
    Anhui Includes Government Debt Management as Criterion for Rating Officials
    r Secretary
    Zhang Baoshun
    re Governor
    Wang Xuejun
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    Wuhu Iron Painting Studio Goes Bankrupt
  • Chinese scientists discover 'batman dinosaur'
  • Hongcun: Village with 900-Year History
  • Invest in Anhui
    CGB Sets up Branch in Hefei
  • Hong Kong Wooing Investment from Anhui
  • Anhui Attracts Taiwan Investors
  • Hefei Welcomes Another New Energy Auto Maker
  • Development Plan
    Anhui, Hubei Seek Cooperation in Trade, Tourism
  • Anhui Speeds up Development of Emerging Industrial Clusters
  • Guideline Pushes Development of Yangtze River Economic Belt
  • Hefei Finishes First Draft of FTZ Program
  • Videos
  • City residents rediscover old books in old book store
  • Money Reduced to Ashes
  • CPPCC to Begin at 3pm Today in Beijing
  • People
    Young innovator breaks migrant stereotype
  • Nature's visionary artist
  • 'King of Soldiers' keeps up with tech
  • Young Chinese Woman with Cerebral Palsy Writes Novel by Toe
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Autism recovery NGOs struggle to carry on
  • Chizhou Deal Expected to Open the PPP Floodgates
  • Anhui Special: Port project to boost Anhui's economic development
  • Solar Panels Power Fight against Poverty
  • China-Made Electric Cars Heading to US
  • Sister City
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